Artificial Grass Masters Customer Service

All of us here at Artificial Grass Masters strive to bring you the best service possible. We understand things can and will happen and we are here to help you the entire time. When working with Artificial Grass Masters you can relax knowing you are in the right hands. No matter the problem big or small you can count on us to help.

Our customer service team is readily available to assist you prepare for your project, set up an appointment to see a project manager, or help any questions you may have after your artificial grass is installed. We pride ourselves on bringing you five star service, so why wait? Call today!

Our project managers will work one on one with you answering all of your questions to walk you through the process of installing and maintaining artificial grass. All of our project managers are experienced and professional and always happy to help you obtain your landscaping goals. Call today to set up your appointment! 602-730-7003