‘No Water…No Work…Just Grass!’
Arizona’s Artificial Grass Masters has grown to be one of the most trusted names in artificial turf, curbing, and sunshades
by Robyn M. Feller

For an artificial turf company, Artificial Grass Masters is the real deal. Having grown from just two workers with a dream and a pick-up truck to a company with over 75 employees, Artificial Grass Masters has expanded significantly since Joshua Apodaca (owner) first opened its doors in 2013 upon recognizing the opportunity to bring a water-saving, virtually maintenance-free turf solution to the region.

Now, Joshua served overseas and is proud to lead one of the most trusted names in artificial turf, curbing and sunshades in the nation, working with national brands and installing their turf at a range of properties—from small residential backyards and interior spaces to gazebos, basketball courts, 19-hole putting greens, and even some of the most well-known venues in professional sports, including projects for the LA Dodgers, Chicago WhiteSox and pro soccer fields.

Doing the Right Thing

“Our slogan is ‘No Water…No Work…Just Grass!’ ” Joshua says, indicating the ease with which their artificial turf enhances customers’ properties and lifestyles with every installation. The company works in an extremely professional manner, with separate teams for everything, so it’s not one person just doing everything alone. This allows Artificial Grass Masters to provide the highest quality service. Joshua adds, “We’re the only company with a price match guarantee in our industry. We’re the only company that has a quality control division and we’re the only
Artificial Grass Company offers an extended warranty.
We always do the right thing.”

Joshua also makes note of the warm company culture that exists. “The way we run our team is not like a regular company; we run everything like we’re family, which builds trust and cohesion in the way we all work together.”

Quality Products, Positive Feedback

A veteran-owned business based in the Phoenix area, Artificial Grass Masters is the preferred vendor for Phoenix and Maricopa county as a whole. “It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point but we’ve been able to climb the ladder,” he adds. “The difference is in the quality of our product and the installation that lasts a lifetime. We work with our customers to provide a custom installation that fits their outdoor—or indoor—space and their goals.”

In addition to the turf, Artificial Grass Masters also provides sun shades to keep solar reflections from melting and damaging artificial grass. It’s this attention to detail and reliability that has earned Artificial Grass Masters its BBB approval, along with certifications on platforms like Angie’s List as well as its ICPI and IPEMA certified products. Joshua proudly shares, “We’re a preferred business online, and are one of the top-rated artificial grass companies not only in the Phoenix area, but the entire nation.”

Far improved from the synthetic turf of the past, the products in Artificial Grass Masters’ catalog look and feels like the real thing. The color of the blades vary, mimicking an actual lawn. Joshua says, “The actual fibers in the blades are different colors. Some may be apple green, some lime green. You get this beautiful color because of all the variations. It’s not just one solid green. Plus, the blades have structure and are tall. Most of our grass is about 1-5/8 inch to an 1-3/4 inch, some even taller. It makes you feel like you’re walking around in super tall grass. You can take your shoes off and it’s just like walking in heaven.” The Future Looks Green
As for what lies ahead, the plan, Joshua says, “is to continue expanding and spreading our water-saving, beautiful product far and wide. Whether that’s working with schools to upgrade their playgrounds and other areas, or Government facilities and military installations, we know that our artificial turf has a variety of uses and purposes. If you want to learn more about our product, our
process, and how we can make your vision a reality, get in touch with us to discuss more.”