Our products are designed to help you get the most out of your yard. The Sonoran Oasis line is perfect for the avid Arizonan homeowner looking to beat the heat, but keep that Arizona feel. Revolutionizing new technology allows you to have nice soft, supple, high quality turf while still being able to stay cool and rezilient. Access the potential of your yard by bringing out its best, every season of the year. 


Arizona's Best Friend

A rugged turf engineered specifically for harsh elements. This is the best option for anyone looking to combat the desert climate. Unlike other grasses, this grass is designed to give you the look and feel of being in the desert without all the desert hassle.


Designed for homeowners, property managers and investors that want the look and feel of a high quality grass. This hardy grass is a great option for the Arizona’s climate without you having to break a sweat at the bank. 


AGM_Artificial Grass big back yard

Cost effective and High Quality. These two factors have made this grass one of our most popular and affordable, making it a go to for snowbirds, pet owners, investors, and property managers.

AGM_Artificial Grass curbing

Keep That Arizona Feel. Designed to resemble desert grass, this grass is all about Arizona. Well equipped to handle desert climate, you can expect great performance and longevity out of our grass.

Chill Factor Technology integrated into the turf makes this grass well suited for handling harsh sun rays and heat, keeping surface temps to a minimum.

Best of Both Worlds. Created for style and comfort, this grass is ideal for many types of property. Being very diverse, you can see this grass on high end residential homes to commercial areas.