Our company has been designed so that the customer never loses. Our project coordinators stay in constant communication with the customers. Our extended warranty guarantees you will have a beautiful yard for years to come. We are the only company to offer an extended warranty on artificial grass. Our 5-Star Certified Google Reviews are a testament to our commitment to service.


Safety first. Best of all, no more grass stains. Under swings and at the foot of slides are two great examples of high-traffic areas difficult to maintain and keep safe. We’ve developed consistent, low abrasive play surfaces allowing use of any types of any types of playground equipment.


Our performance blade grass is used on residential and commercial grade playgrounds. Our soft, durable synthetic turf provides the perfect play area for kids of all ages. 


This grass is cleaner than other turfs keeping bacteria and smells at because of it’s infused innovative antimicrobial agent called Microban.

With our temperature-controlled performance blade grasses, your kids will have a safe and cool environment to roam around.

Cut down on the heavy lifting with a low maintenance artificial lawn. Enjoy your yard without the grueling tasks of cutting and watering your grass.

Designed as non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance turf infill solutions safe for homes and playgrounds where children play.