How Much Water Do you Actually Save With Artificial Grass?

It’s a question much like the owl and the tootsie pop. How much water does artificial grass actually save you? The answer is quite astounding actually. A resident with a 750 sqft yard can expect to save on average 22,000 gallons per year! That’s enough to fill an average size pool almost two times over! Incredible breakthroughs like these are what’s pushing cities like Las Vegas & Phoenix to covert to artificial grass and they are giving their citizens incentives to do the same as well. Artificial grass is a life saver when it comes to conserving water. However, artificial grass can do more than just conserve water.

While eliminating the need for watering your yard, artificial grass also eliminates the need for maintenance as well. That means without the need for constant trimming on your yard you cut down on carbon footprint. Also, artificial grass is eco-friendly and non-toxic so you can be reassured that you are doing the right thing. Furthermore, without grass you don’t need to worry about pollen, insects or grass itch anymore. Leaving more time for you to enjoy your dream yard and feel good about it.

With each passing day, artificial grass is getting better and saving you more money. Whether you want to cut down on water usage or just good old fashion labor. Artificial Grass Masters makes it easy to save a pretty penny and the planet at the same time!

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