Pergolas are one home addition that can take your house to a whole new level as well as add functionality wherever you place them. Pergolas are elegant structures that fit perfectly in yards, patios and more. Not only do they raise the value of your property but they also provide a perfect place for entertaining friends and family. Whether its a place to have dinner or read a book next to the pool, pergolas provide a safe and peaceful environment.

Choosing the right type of pergola makes all be the difference when trying to turn your yard into an outdoor oasis. There are many types and styles of pergolas. But not just any pergola will give you everything you are looking for. Your pergola should somewhat resemble the exterior of your house and complement the surroundings.

First off, type of material makes all difference for being able to combat Arizona’s climate. One of which is aluminum. Aluminum is best suited for battling the suns harsh rays and fierce wind. Next, is the type of style. All Artificial Grass Masters pergolas come in “slat” style as it is the most universal and effective for all yards. Furthermore, is color. Artificial Grass Masters currently uses Spanish Brown in our pergolas. While it is the most popular, more colors will being coming soon. Now that you have taken all these factors into account, finally it is time to choose size. Your pergola can be as small or big as you like it to be. Size depends on how much space you have in your yard or in your desired area.

Now that you have chosen your ultimate pergola, all that is left is to call up Artificial Grass Masters for a free estimate and get your dream yard ordered!

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