Sunscreen are Protection


What can be more worse than after your long awaited yard renovation on your dream home starts melting? Yes, as crazy as it sounds, artificial grass can melt. Although, with a melting point of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, artificial grass is no match for the energy efficient windows that most of Arizona has. With sun rays reflecting off the glass, surface temperatures can reach far above its rated specifications. So how are you to combat this problem? Luckily, we have found that installing sun screens on your problem areas not only eliminates the problem, but also prolongs the life of your grass up to five years! To promote awareness on this topic, we are running a special right now that could save your yard or your future investment. While promotion lasts, you can get a premium sun screen for only $99 with a purchase of five or more. Feel safe knowing that your sun screens will ensure your grass reaches its life expectancy and retain its color, now that sun rays are a thing of the past!

Artificial Grass Masters, No Water…No Work…Just Grass!

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