How Can Curbing Help Artificial Grass?

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You finally made the switch and installed artificial grass, but how can you keep it clean? Most lawns can be easily cleaned with a quick spray or sweep. However, what do you do when debris and leaves start creeping into your grass?

Luckily, landscaping has made leaps and bounds in preventative maintenance! Most job sites when installing artificial grass utilize curbing. Curbing is a cement layer that surrounds the grass and or gravel of your yard. It’s installed using a shaper to mold the curbing to the desired design for the yard. Curbing can come in many designs that aid in efficiency or aesthetics. Some designs include mowers edge slant edge and rounded. As previously stated, Curbing is a great protector for your grass. Rocks and debris can easily be carried into your lawn by pets and the wind. Curbing creates a protective barrier that adds extra protection from heavy traffic and storms. Without curbing, your artificial grass can become prone to stretching to bulging from traffic and heat. Furthermore, Artificial Grass Masters offers curbing in a variety of styles and colors to fit the look you want. Whether it’s black or orange, our privately owned curbing machine can have your project done in a matter of hours.

If you’re not sure exactly how you want your yard to look, talk to one of our project managers to discuss how we can make your yard stand out. Our team of expert landscapers can install new curbing in just one day. Call us today and get a free estimate to see how much your dream yard will cost!

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