Price Match Gaurantee
Artificial grass can get expensive and when choosing the right artificial grass company, price is always a deciding factor, but just because a better price is offered, doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal. If an Artificial grass company offers a price match guarantee, then at least you will be able to really compare artificial grass, apples to apples, and get the best price.
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Quality Products
With so many types of artificial grass on the market today there is a lot to consider. Artificial grass companies that are looking just to turn a buck will generally only offer a flat blade grass for a decent price. Whereas a quality company will offer a high-quality performance blade grass at an affordable price.
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Experience Project Managers & Support Team
Since artificial grass has increased in demand, a lot of new, unlicensed, and inexperienced contractors have entered the market. Project managers (Sales people) need to be experienced and must be able to understand and help facilitate quality and professional design that is practical, functional, and beautiful. Inexperience creates disaster as the design and installation need to be thought out entirely to prevent problems during the installation process (bad measurements, insufficient materials, bad planning, extra costs, etc.)
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Solar Screen Provider
Because Artificial grass is made of plastic it is susceptible to singeing, and melting from reflections, deflections, etc. Typically, an artificial grass company that offers sun screen services will offer a lower price on sun screens and install the sun screens before or during artificial grass installation. This is better because most sun screen companies are expensive and typically backlogged with work.
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Read the Reviews
So you’ve seen their fancy website and heard their polished presentation, but did you read the artificial grass companies reviews? You will find that most reviews found on company are reliable. Especially when you consider the number of reviews an artificial grass company has. Reviews will reveal the true colors of a company, how they operate, who the best project managers are, where the artificial grass company has opportunities to grow and how they handle upset customers.
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Extended Warranty
We offer a 15 year warranty on the grass. Our install warranty is for quality of installation for 2 years after that if the grass fails, a claim will be granted. When the grass claim is fulfilled the homeowner will only have to pay for the installation of the grass.Why it's Important? If a customer does not have the extended warranty then a cost of $2.50 - $3.50 per sqft will be charged for installation plus the cost associated with removal and disposal of old grass.
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Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Artificial grass companies must be licensed by your state licensing as this ensures a quality installation and provides recourse for homeowners in the event a homeowner pays for an unsatisfactory installation and the company refuses to satisfy the terms of the contract. A surety bond is a form of insurance. If a contractor fails to complete a job satisfactory or fails to pay for subcontractors, permits, or other financial obligations.
General Liability insurance covers lawsuits that would include the cost of the artificial grass companies legal expense and the cost of damages owed to the owner.