Why Should I Get Sun Screens For My Artificial Grass?

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Did you know that artificial grass can melt? As funny as it sounds, it is true. Especially when you take into account that artificial grass has a temperature rating of 130+ degrees . With that being said, how is it that some people fall victim to grass melting? The culprit is reflection. Here in the valley, the intense sun can wreak havoc on your artificial grass if there are any reflective surfaces on your property such as windows, chrome grills and even your vehicle. Fun fact: Depending on the time of year, the sun changes positions in the sky. So a problem you didn’t have a couple months ago could be a problem today. This is why Artificial Grass Masters recommends that if you have any reflective surfaces you cover them up with a grill cover, a car cover and or a sunscreen.

Artificial Grass Masters is the only artificial grass company in Arizona to custom make their sun screens in house. Sun screens are not only a great way to protect your artificial grass but also your home. With Arizona’s unpredictable weather, a sunscreen can be shield to a window during a hail storm or a barrier during one of the valley’s famous haboobs! Not to mention that adding sun screens to your house increases its value. Our sun screens come in a multitude of colors for both screen and trim. We have the screen to fit your style so come in today to get a free estimate from Artificial Grass Masters!

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