AGM Warranty Details

Artificial Grass Masters Warranty Details

Did you know that 5-7% of artificial grass will fail in the first 5 years? Quality of Installation warranty only covers the first 2 years and manufacturers offer a 15-year warranty, but neither covers costs associated with reinstallation if your grass fails or has defects. 

Have peace of mind with your investment and enjoy your yard the way you want to….Worry Free

Artificial Grass Manufacturer’s Warranty

We offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty on the grass.This includes any defect in yarn, blades, binding, or extreme fading.  If the grass fails or has defects then a claim will be submitted and if approved a replacement piece of artificial grass will be granted. But even if the Artificial grass claim is fulfilled the homeowner will still have to pay for the reinstallation of the artificial grass. This warranty does not cover high traffic or wear and tear areas.

So what else is Not Included?

  • Cost of re-installation
  • Cost of a new dumpster
  • Cost of Demo
  • Tearing, Stretching, or Melting

Protect Your Investment

Although proper care and maintenance can enhance the aging, usefulness, and aesthetics of your turf, we know it’s important to protect your investment and offer warranties.

Quality of Installation Warranty

The quality of installation warranty covers any installation or workmanship issue that may arise within 2 years of installation. The quality of installation warranty covers any issues regarding the quality of installation that may arise within 2 years of installation. This includes grade issues, sinkholes, grass installation, etc..

Artificial Grass Extended Warranty

While product warranty will cover the cost of the product. An extended warranty will cover any out-of-pocket cost for reinstallation in the event your artificial grass fails or is found to be defective.The extended warranty will cover installation but does not cover the costs associated with demo or dumpsters. Plus if approved there is no waiting, your job will be replaced as soon as the following week.

What happens without the extended warranty?

Your claim will be processed in the order it was filed and may take 3-9 months for approval. (no head of the line privileges.) Then you will be responsible for the costs of reinstallation. (high costs – $3.50 sqft for installation, plus cost of demo and dumpsters.)