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Child Friendly Artificial Grass Yards in Phoenix

Phoenix is perfect for children to play outside all year

Your yard is what you make it, but if you have children, it cant just be an adult playground! Imagine designated areas where you can add a jungle gym, swings, playset, or trampoline. Your yard is ground zero & makes your kids infamous, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Child Friendly Artificial Grass Areas Make Sense in Phoenix

Safety first. Best of all, no more grass stains. Under swings and at the foot of slides are two great examples of high-traffic areas difficult to maintain and keep safe. We’ve developed consistent, low abrasive play surfaces allowing use of any types of any types of playground equipment.

Make Your Home more than Just A Home

Child Friendly Artificial Grass Yards Provide Advantages

  • NON-TOXIC: Designed as non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance turf infill solutions safe for homes and playgrounds where children play.
  • CLEAN OF LINGERING GERMS: This grass is cleaner than other turfs keeping bacteria and smells at because of it’s infused innovative antimicrobial agent called Microban.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: You no longer have to lift & pull jungle gyms, trampolines, & other kids toys around your yard to mow!
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: With our temperature-controlled performance blade grasses, your kids will have a safe and cool environment to roam around.

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