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Pet Friendly Artificial Grass in Phoenix

Phoenix’s Best Artificial Grass for Pets

Pet Pro is cleaner than other turf keeping your yard not just liberated from yellowing patches and inconsistent uncovered spots. Our well designed products take all the hassle out of yardwork making it very low maintenance. Keeping a healthy and vibrant looking yard year-round as well as a pet is now possible with a turf that can withstand the biggest and most playful pets.

Pets not only need exercise to stay fit and healthy but also to prevent boredom and depression. Our synthetic turf is designed to be ideal for pet play and to provide an agility area for animals of any shape and size. In addition to combine with the thatch layer to lend a natural lush look to the turf.

Mans Best Friend Has A Best Friend Too, called Pet Pro!

Pet Pro has specially engineered Chill Factor Technology that keeps the surface cool to the touch. Unlike other similar products, Pet pro lets your pet be able to safely lounge and play around without worrying about harm to your grass or pet. Ask about our infill recommendations after we assess your design needs.

Since you care about your pets, we have placed extreme consideration into making the longest enduring and most practical turf that your pet would ever dream of. Using the right infill will also make your pet more comfortable in the yard. While there are several types of infill, we recommend Pet Pro.

Our well designed products makes this arrangement with very low maintenance, keeping it looking healthy and vibrant year-round.

Our turf is designed to be ideal for pet play and to provide an agility area for animals of any shape and size. It’s environmentally friendly, thanks to its exclusive well designed fiber blades that make the infill more enduring to play on.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Yards Provide Advantages

  • LOOKS GOOD ALWAYS: Pet Pro is cleaner than other turfs keeping you yard not just liberated from yellow patches and inconsistent uncovered spots.
  • BUG RESISTANT: Bugs and pests don’t find synthetic turf appealing which makes summer a huge, careless fun-fest for your pets!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Easy cleaning of pet waste and no mowing!
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: With our temperature-controlled performance blade grasses, your pets will have a safe and cool environment to run on.

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