Artificial Grass Questions

Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions in Phoenix

We know this is a huge undertaking and you have lots of questions. These are some we have collected along the way from other clients like you. If you have a question you don’t see, you can either call us or fill out this Quick FAQ form so we can answer it and add it to our list.

It takes up to two weeks to schedule install and 1-5 days to install depending on the size of the project.

  • You can hose it off with water or have an irrigation system installed if you desire even less maintenance.
  • Use a power broom or leaf blower to remove any leaves or twigs.
  • Sunscreens also help with maintenance. Making sure there is no reflections and no fade.

Artificial grass Masters does not offer maintenance plans. However, we know many trustworthy companies in the area to refer you to.

Quality of raw materials is significant to the performance of turf systems. Almost all high-quality turf uses polyester tire cord as a backing. The fibers that create the blades of our turf are made from polypropylene or nylon are manufactured in various ways.

This description is for the standard 15yr manufacturer warranty. Artificial Grass Masters offers a Industry Leading Extended Warranty not available anywhere else!

Artificial Grass UV Fade Warranty
Under our Fade Warranty we cover any fading that occurs due to sun exposure. This applies to changing in color. If our surface becomes unsecured from its base we will reattach it. This warranty does not apply if the surface is purposefully pulled up or an attempt at purposefully detaching the surface is made. If a seam separates and creates a noticeable gap we will gladly make a return visit to secure the seam and refasten it. The warranty also does not apply if the seam was purposefully pulled apart. Generally seams will only separate if seasonal heat creates enough expansion and/or contraction of the surface to create a gap in the seams, this is not common. Restretching of the surface is covered. Because of the extremes of local climate, artificial grass surfaces can sometimes expand and contract enough to create a rippling effect on the surface, should this happen we will gladly make a visit to restretch the surface. This is only typical of installation completed in cooler months, even though we thoroughly stretch the surface during the installation sometimes the cool air does not allow enough elasticity in the backing. When the summer air hits it allows the back to relax and appear to have a couple of “loose” areas in the lawn. Should this happen with your project we recommend waiting until peak of the summer heat to have us perform a restretch.The heat will give the backing of the product more elasticity and allow us to stretch the surface to maximum amount, eliminating the need for further restretching. There is no negative effect on the product or its durability,it is only a cosmetic issue that is easily corrected.

1. Your curbing has a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It will be replaced at no charge if the materials we use or the way it was installed by our workmen causes the defect. This does not include hairline cracks.
2. If curbing is damaged by homeowners or other contractors other than ourselves we will come back and make necessary repairs; however, there is a $200 minimum charge for this service.
3.Damage to sprinkler lines, telephone wire, cable TV, or other buried items by our equipment or personnel is not the responsibility of Artificial Grass Masters However, if these items are properly marked we will do everything we can to avoid and protect these lines.

Solar Screens
The solar screens installed by Artificial Grass Masters are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Items that are covered include screen material pulling away from the spline, faults in the structure of the fabric because of manufacturing processes, screens coming out of the window frame because of an installation error (not because of high winds and foundation shifting) and grids coming loose from the frame or at riveted junctions in the case of decorative grids. Artificial Grass Masters assumes no responsibility for screen failure due to fire, flood, high winds or other Acts of God, misuse, handling, building design or foundation shifting. It is also assumed that decorative grids, over time, will perhaps gradually warp and shift due to variable pressures put on the screen from the window frame contracting and expanding with the seasonal shifts in humidity and handling for cleaning purposes. Overspray from improperly applied lawn and pest chemicals, certain cleaning solvents, and chemicals from pool cleaning equipment will void this warranty.

It can if a potential home buyer finds it aesthetically better than gravel or spotchy grass. It also may not, especially if the actual property needs major renovations or repairs.

Artificial Grass Masters is a master installer of not just artificial grass but also, PaversPergolasSunscreensDIY KitsGravel & RockCurbingPlants and Irrigation. Our expert builders allow you create your dream yard no matter the request. Just about any landscaping service you can think of Artificial Grass Masters can provide. We are a 5 star rated business and have completed projects ranging from valley wide school districts to the Diamondbacks Chase Stadium. Call us at (602)-730-7003 to get a free estimate of what your dream yard can look like!

Depending on the type of turf and infill you have, all artificial grass drains at different rates. While all artificial turf have Irrigation holes, the sizes and locations can be different. The type of infill you have also plays a factor in how well moisture reaches the drainage holes. However, most turf has enough base drainage to prevent flooding.

Yes, all of our grass products are non toxic and safe for the environment. Artificial Grass Masters also owns all of our dumpsters that we supply to our customers and ensure all waste is responsibly disposed of.

We are in the process of making our professional installation equipment available for rent.

We install our grass with a layer of covering between the gravel and the turf. This protects the grass from pests and weeds. It’s not foolproof, but it will add to the life of your grass.

Yes. We have even installed our Legacy Pro artificial turf on high school football fields and the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium. Our Legacy Pro and American Dream grasses are built to withstand and support the use of all athletes.

Yes. Artificial Grass Masters offers a price match guarantee. Just bring in a quote from a bonded & insured company and we will match their price with our superior service and quality.

Just like finding the surface area of a rectangle, length times width.
(L x W = FT2) 

In fact, we have calculators built into our product pages so you can see your square footage and get a price quote all on our website.

Believe it or not, dog urine will drain just like rain on synthetic grass. Artificial turf is designed with a drainage system that drains water almost like natural grass. Solid waste can be picked up just like on natural grass and the surface area is easier to wash and clean.

There are two major reasons artificial grass is different in heat. Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers and does not retain water so it tends to be warmer than natural grass. Economy type artificial grass can get especially uncomfortable in Arizona, However, since we only use performance blade grasses at Artificial Grass Masters, your lawn will remain 10-15 degrees cooler than our competitors. This makes our grass a much more pleasurable choice in the hot summer months.

Artificial grass can be used as a driveway or parking area. However, you will need to discuss this option with your artificial grass installer to ensure that the sub-base chosen is appropriate for heavy traffic. Also, be wary of oil spills in the grass and keep proper maintenance of the turf to get the longest life span.

Artificial Grass Masters partners with synchrony financial to offer finance for your yard for 18 months same as cash

There are no Federal or Arizona Tax savings for artificial grass yet. However, a growing number of cities are classifying artificial grass in the water conservation category. Please review your local water department or city government to see if your city offers savings.

Yes. Our License number is ROC285231, and our Bond number RSB0150778.

All of our Performance Blade products offer solidness, strength and bona fide look for residential and commercial jobsites for sports, play areas and pet zones. One of a kind sharp edge structures decide how well engineered fiber react to warm and sun oriented glare, and that it is so impervious to stress and overwhelming pedestrian activity. Execution arrangement are built to withstand consistent strain and outrageous temperatures. We have in excess of eleven diverse fiber structures to act in an assortment of conditions; from concentrated athletic use to the private, medium traffic outside spaces. Execution manufactured grass arrangement help to keep the turf temperature low in blistering summer month, hold dampness inside filaments to chill the turf, reflect sun beams and diffuse light to forestall sparkle, make the super-sensible appearance, and to include an advantage of delicate quality and flexibility. We can assist you with picking manufactured turf that accommodates your prerequisites and nearby climate conditions. All varieties of hues, statures, and shapes are accessible. Execution arrangement are the most well known decision for property holders and organizations who want the best worth and the best engineered gardens. sports fields, and children play areas.

Yes, artificial grass is supposed to be safer for kids rather than natural grass. Artificial turf is advertised as allergen-free because fake grass cannot trigger allergies. Our artificial turf products are non-toxic  and therefore, cannot introduce harmful chemicals to your children. 

Yes. All of artificial grass we sale as wholesale and DIY kits. Go to products and services link to learn more about prices.

Fake grass is a great option for people looking into pet-friendly grass products because it is:

  • Pesticide-free
  • Controls rodents
  • Pest-free environment minimizes the risk of flea and tick infestations
  • Mud-free, so pets stay clean even when it rains
  • Does not keep odor from your pet using the bathroom
  • No more holes from digging
  • No yellow or brown urine spots on lawn

Artificial grass cost as low as $4.75 for installation. For more information visit our artificial grass products page.

Artificial grass can last up to 30 years with minimal care.

Infill is a small crushed up material that is spread in between the blades of grass in order to give it a plush, realistic appearance and to also help it stand up. Depending on the nature of grass there a range of different types of infill that are use to help in odor reduction, efficiency, feel and waterproofing for gyms. Choosing the right type of infill for your Artificial Grass is key to longevity and integrity of your lawn.

Quarter minus is a conglomerate of crushed basalt and other rock typically used in construction. The size is no larger than 1/4″ in diameter which is why it is the preferred substrate when leveling and cushioning against the hard ground.

Under normal conditions, No. Artificial grass has one of the most durable and resistant ratings of all landscaping products. However, when under direct sunlight from a window without a Sunscreen, artificial grass may melt from the magnified rays. That is why it is important to prepare your lawn for whatever nature may throw at it.

Yes, insects and pest will be eliminated to a degree. Without natural grass most insects and pests will have unfavorable conditions to live.

100% weed prevention is nearly impossible to attain. We install a weed barrier prior to install as well as artificial grass being a barrier. However weeds can still sprout around seams and curbs. To achieve complete weed prevention, weed spraying is recommended around seams and curbing.

Absolutely. We also install curbing, pavers, travertine, garden walls, rocks, gravel and more. Come see our showroom to see all we offer.

Yes. Our landscape team will remove materials and level out your yard so that your new artificial lawn will lay beautifully.

That’s why we’re here. Our showroom is a great starting point to get ideas and see all of our materials first hand. We also have designers on staff that can help you come up with a great look for your yard that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Absolutely. Artificial Grass Masters does both residential and commercial projects. From small yards to sports stadiums, we accommodate any sized project.  Don’t be surprised that you see our work every where you go!

That’s the beautiful thing about artificial grass. You don’t have to do anything! With proper installation, rain will drain through the ground just like with natural grass.

Given the size of the project, we will likely have dumpsters on site. If your HOA has restrictions on parking or leaving vehicles along the street, it is best to let them know ahead of time.

Yes. Should there be spillage or you drop a hot object, synthetic grass is fire resistant but the blades will melt under hot enough temperatures. As with any surface, use care when using any type of fire pit, grill, etc.

Synthetic turf is typically nailed down. However, surfaces that will see more impact like sports fields, will require glue, tape or a combination of those with nails. 

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