When it comes to Pavers. Many of us think of long walkways or a nice square pad. However, there is quite a bit more you can do with pavers to make your yard look great! One of these unique creations with pavers is making a Fire Pit. Before designing a firepit, please take these cautions into consideration. Make sure to clear all debris around the area to make sure there are no chances of the fire spreading once the fire pit is installed. Also, make sure to look overhead to see if there are any telephone wires or trees that may catch fire from heat rising. And lastly, always check with your city ordinance and daily fire restrictions to make sure having a fire on your property is legal.

Now that all that is out of the way, let’s see what type of firepit you would like. Artificial Grass Masters makes many different types of fire pits. There are square fire pits, circle fire pits, and even rectangles. There are also different types of pavers that come in different shapes as well as colors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the designs you can make. Adding a fire pit to your yard is a great way to take advantage of your property and define your space! Get in touch with one of Artificial Grass Master’s expert landscape designers to have your dream yard planned out today!

Amazing Firepits in Phoenix

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