When you think of Pergolas you typically think of shade. However, when it comes time to shop around for one. It is easy to get lost in the different styles, and materials in the world of pergolas.

First off, when looking for a pergola it is important to understand that there are different cut styles to finish off the ends of the posts. These cuts give each pergola its own unique look and character. You can choose a style between safety or aesthetics. Either way, Artificial Grass Masters has the shape that fits your style.

Phoenix Pergola board design


Pergolas also come in different materials, wood and metal. Artificial Grass Masters use to carry wood pergolas. However, we found that it was short term failed product. Under Arizona’s harsh elements, traditional wood pergolas don’t last that long. They warp fairly quickly and start splintering which is a safety issue. Compared to our new Aluminawood pergola posts. A metal pergola will outlast a wood pergola all while providing the same amount of functionality and shade without getting searing hot.

Pergolas to transform your yard, built by Artificial Grass Masters in Phoenix & throughout the Valley


Pergolas are a great way to define space and raise the value of your property. A great pergola can make you the next holiday hang out on the block and the All-Star of the family. Give Artificial Grass Masters a call to have one of our project managers in your area come out for a free estimate! Get professional advice on our pergolas as well as 3D Design to make your dream yard come to life!

Check out more of our pergolas in our Pergola Gallery!

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