When it comes to Artificial Grass durability, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is the ounces. The density of artificial grass is measured in blades per square inch. That means a 60 oz turf has fewer blades per square inch than an 80 oz turf. This is important when it comes to durability because more blades per square inch mean stronger resistance to traffic. An 80 oz turf is more than capable of handling regular traffic as well as play on.

However, there is one downside to high-density turf. The trade-off for durability is feeling. While an 80 oz turf is more durable, it is not as soft and supple as a 60 oz turf.

A great example of this is our Summer Breeze compared to our Viridian Pro. Summer breeze is a 60 oz. turf. It is one of the most popular and affordable grass that we offer. People like it for its soft feel and vibrant green look. It is perfect for new homeowners and anyone looking to achieve their dream yard. However, Viridian Pro is an 80 oz turf and made to perform. It is most popular with schools and playgrounds for its safety. When you have frequent traffic and need a turf to rebound and protect. Viridian pro will be a better choice than Summer Breeze. If you need more help picking out artificial grass that is perfect for you contact one of our project managers in your area to come out for a free estimate! 602-730-7003

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