Artificial Grass is one of the most eco-friendly products on the planet. Although being made from plastic, plastic is actually one of the reasons that gives artificial grass its popularity in landscaping. Having being made from plastic, artificial grass gives you a yard that can last forever and one you never need to water. Because of this, artificial grass can conserve 55 gallons of water per year and lower carbon emissions by eliminating common gas powered yard tools. EPA statistics on air pollution show that gas powered gardening equipment make up around 5% of all total carbon emissions. Also, artificial grass reduces the need for pesticides. Pesticides can contaminate waterways and can cause various diseases such as cancer. In addition to this, most brands artificial grass are non toxic so it is safe for the family and pets and Artificial grass Masters is proud o be one of them! So, there are many reason to switch to artificial grass. Whether is to save money or make your yard look better but if being eco friendly is one of your concerns then artificial grass is definitely the right choice.

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