The process in which companies and individuals install their artificial grass varies throughout the industry. By no means is there a 100% right way to install artificial grass. However some method are better than others.

At artificial Grass Masters every project site undergoes rigorous surveying to ensure proper diagrams and material ordering. Once all are finalized, our expert landscapers get started on tear out if necessary. All debris and irrigation must be removed before laying a proper foundation down with your substrate. When tear out is complete, final prep work goes into project area to ensure diagram measurements are correct and followed.

After all measurements are confirmed, tear out is complete and ground work for foundation leveling begins. This step of the process is crucial. Landscaping your yard before hand ensures your yard is level and smooth for laying your artificial grass. A nice and level surface leave your grass free of lumps and divots that can degrade your grass over the years. Also, ensuring you have a level surface protects your yards water shed and retains proper drainage.

Now that all proper precautions have been taken, we begin to lay down the choice of customers substrate. Picking the right type of substrate is important to the performance you are looking for out of your grass. For a nice and soft cushion under your feet, customers typically go with quarter minus, a loose based gravel. For other grasses such as performance grass, a change in substrate can happen by choice of customer.

Once substrate has been layed, leveled, and watered, a weed barrier is placed over the substrate to reduce unwanted pests and weeds.

Finally, artificial grass installed and nailed down to prevent movement in any part the area. Infill is spread across the surface to weigh it down and keep lush, once infill has efficiently been worked into bedding your artificial grass has been successfully installed.

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