No one would have thought, but artificial grass and gravel make quite a pair. Not only does gravel make for a great base, it adds proper drainage to your yard as well. Much like artificial grass, gravel & rock doesn’t require much maintenance and doesn’t decompose. Also, Gravel & Rock bulk prices are very low and most varieties are widely HOA approved. Quick installation also makes gravel and Artificial Grass perfect for each other as they both can be beautifully installed in a matter of hours.

Gravel is also very efficient at combatting the heat. Unlike concrete which soaks up heat all day, gravel disperses surface temps even on the hottest day. Another perk of getting gravel and rock is how customizable it is. With a wide variety of sizes and colors the ideas are limitless to what you can do with your yard. Enjoy all the benefits they have to offer while boosting the value of your home as well. Give Artificial Grass Masters a call today at (602)-730-7003 to get a quote and see how affordable your dream yard can be.

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