NOTE: Infill does not need to be only rubber

Infill, as crazy as it sounds is your best friend! The purpose of infill is to maintain the all around look and efficiency of your artificial grass. These tiny pieces of material consisting of sand all the way to non toxic plastic, ensure your grass can handle long durations of traffic and have the vigor to last for years to come. The secret is how they work their way into the fibers and binding of the turf. With the added extra support, the fibers and binding take a lot less damage meaning your grass last much longer.

As well as adding support, infill also gives artificial grass its picture perfect look year round. When properly worked in-between the blades of grass, infill creates a solid foundation for you grass to prop itself up on. When done properly, your grass can handle heavy traffic from a late night party and look just as new the next day.

Furthermore, infill also serves a purpose of weighing down the artificial grass. As funny as it sounds, this is a crucial step in ensuring your grass performs the way you intended it to. A yard without infill in their artificial grass can encounter problems such as sagging, erosion, “flapjacking” and tearing, nullifying warranty. With infill, all these problems can be eliminated and give you problem free living. A simple decision such as Infill can be the difference between loving your new yard or wishing you would’ve done it differently.


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