Spooky season is finally here and we all know what that means, LEAVES! Every year, around this time homeowners get the same problems. Leaves falling everywhere on your yard! What is a home owner with artificial grass to do about this? Even though it’s fall, don’t trip. Artificial grass masters has you covered with these great care tips!

When cleaning debris off of artificial grass, it is much different that natural grass. More care must be taken in order to keep your lawn and investment in tact. First off, debris on artificial grass can NOT be cleaned with a conventional metal rake. The blades in the turf were not designed to with stand metal scraping and will run the chance of being damaged or ripped out of place. Instead. Artificial Grass Masters recommends to use a plastic rake as it will clean mush more safely and efficiently. Also, for homeowner with pesky mesquite trees that release the dreaded black sap or any other oil based issues. Don’t fret, an ice cube and Simple Green can clean it right up! No need for cutting tearing or replacing! Finally, for all the homeowner with furry friends, simple green will eliminate any odor that may arise from weeks of potty breaks!

We hope these tips can help maintaining your yard a little easier and when times get a little scary this season just remember. Its fall, don’t trip!

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