Sunlight, Friend Or Foe? Will The Phoenix Heat Ruin My Lawn?

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When it comes to sunlight and your yard it is hard to tell whether it is friend or foe. We all know that sunlight is beneficial a yard but there are times, especially this time of year, when it can reek havoc on your investment. Usually, the sun doesn’t get hot enough to cause your artificial grass to melt, however windows are a different story. The reflection off windows magnifies the sun’s rays past artificial grass’s 200 degree melting point causing your yard to eventually fail. This is a major problem here in the valley and depending on the type of windows you have and the angle of the sun, it can be even worse. You may not be a able to tell, but come fall season the angle of the sun shifts to a more direct spot on windows, creating problems you may not have had earlier in the year.

All of these issues can be solved with a simple sun screen. A sun screen can lower the surface temperature of your yard from 200 plus degrees to room temperature. A sun screen can be the difference between waking up every day admiring your yard to waking up one day and discovering a big problem on your hands. Sun screens can raise the value of your house, not to mention making your home more energy efficient. With all this being said, a simple sun screen and be the difference between the sun being your friend this year or foe.

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