Unlike most states where winter comes you have to deal with yellow snow, here in Arizona we deal with yellow grass. Its inevitable around this time of year. The yard you’ve been working so hard to keep beautiful all year finally surcoms to the winter frost and you’re left with unsightly yellow spots. It’s hard to admit, but even the best lawns can be no match for frost, that’s why most people switch to artificial grass.

Artificial grass stays beautiful all year round and can handle whatever the winter months can throw at it. Artificial grass is also much cheaper to maintain than regulars grass. Between seeding mulching, weeding watering and pesticides, all these factors can be eliminated leaving you with more time to enjoy your yard. Not to mention, artificial grass also raises the value of your house so this season treat yourself to a present that you can be happy for year round. Winter is said to be the season to enjoy your time indoors but with artificial grass you’ll be finding yourself more and more outside, with artificial grass, yellow spots are a thing of the past and you can now look forward to a beautiful lawn for years to come.

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