At Artificial Grass Masters, we only use what is called performance blade Grass. Performance blades offer more durability and resilience than its counterpart, flat blade grasses.

Flat blade grasses are named so because they are just that, flat. The flat blades don’t rebound very well leaving your grass looking unnatural and not aesthetically pleasing. While flat blade grasses are cheaper than performance blade grass, the quality is also just that, cheaper. A less durable grass means you’re going to be needing replacing sooner. The grass will fade and weaken as it takes a beating from the hot Arizona sun. If you need to replace your grass more often, in the long run you end up spending more. It’s worth the investment for performance blade grasses.

The reason we only use performance blade grasses is because we can stand by the product. We’re able to offer an extended 15-year warranty on our grasses because we know they will withstand the elements and use. Performance blade grasses are engineered with a heavier designed blade that is able to bounce back after being walked on.

It’s worth the investment to go with a more expensive product when you know it’s going to last you in the long run. Our resilient blades keep its color longer, rebound after use, and are low maintenance making it the best choice for your yard.

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