It is a phenomenon known only to the places where it gets really hot and really cold and that is “shrinkage.” Around this time of year, we are known to get calls from customers about ripples appearing in their grass. A first it seems to be a nail or durability problem. However, around this time of year, the biggest culprit is temperature.

To explain this issue the best we can. It all starts with a project completed in the summer. When cutting and fitting the grass roll to the desired size and shape of the area. If the cutting is done in direct sun in the heat of the day, that roll is what we like to call “expanded.” This means the roll was cut t while hot and as we all know, plastic expands when it is hot. Now fast forward to winter where temps are getting in the low 30’s. Some unknown issues start to arise. Your yard when it was 100+ degrees outside looked good, but now cold nighttime temps can cause what we call “rippling.” Waves like the ocean can appear in your grass and you’re left wondering what happened? When it’s that cold, plastic likes to shrink and that is why you need to properly nail down your artificial grass. However, there are some times when mother nature manages to undo our hard work.

This is why it is important to have your artificial grass installed by a company that backs their product and installation with a warranty. When what we like to call, “acts of God” happen and you are left with ruined grass and nowhere else to turn to. Artificial Grass Masters has your back. We like to say we are married to your yard because if anything were to happen within the next 15 years after we leave. We will still be here for you! Unlike most artificial grass companies that go out of business or your neighbor down the street who completed your yard and now you never hear from him. Artificial grass Masters offers the industries leading extended warranty and top-of-the-line customer service. If you are looking for an artificial grass company that has seen and done it all with the best customer service. Remember, with Artificial Grass Masters it’s no water, no work, just grass!

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