While some people add artificial grass to their home for looks. Some people need more out of their grass. One question we get asked, especially from pet owners is, how well does artificial grass drain?

When it comes to drainage and artificial grass it is important to know that turf drainage get is measured in inches per hour. With most artificial grass, standard drainage is 28 inches per hour. You can tell a turf’s drainage by looking on the back of the turf to inspect the size and number of drainage holes. If you are looking at a pet-specific turf you can see that wider diameter holes are provided to accommodate larger pets. So unless your furry friend is using the restroom faster than 28 inches per hour you will be fine.

Furthermore, after discussing the drainage rate. It is important to keep in mind your local climate. Here in Phoenix, the annual precipitation is 9.2 inches per year. So even the heaviest during monsoon season you will be fine.

Most flooding on property comes down to bad grading. Grading the degree of ground in which watershed is directed. If you have a grading on your property that is angled “toward” your house then you can expect flooding. If you grade your property to where it directs watershed “away” from your house then you can expect to mitigate flooding.

Luckily, Artificial Grass Masters grades your property whenever we do tear-out. We understand the issues that can arise from a bad artificial grass install. That is why we personally make sure that everything is taken care of from start to finish.

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