If you have ever wondered if making the switch is worth it. Remember these three reasons why artificial grass is actually worth the money.

Can’t warranty mother nature.

When installing sod or seeding and fertilizing. There are what we like to call “acts of God” that can happen with your investment. As we all know, especially here in Arizona. Growing sod is a very hit or miss if your investment will make it through the summer. Also, all the hard work you put in for fertilizing and seeding just gets eaten up by the birds and attracts bugs. Not to mention when it’s all said and done now you have to cut it.

Increase value of your home

Many people don’t know that once you install artificial grass it raises the value of your home. Unlike sod or regular grass that can die at any moment from neglect or climates. Artificial grass is a permanent installation that is backed by a warranty. Therefore, artificial grass is considered an asset. Meaning not only does it look good to you but also an appraiser.

No More Water, Work, or Bugs

Regular grass is a safe haven for bugs. It provides them with air food and shelter. Once it is replaced with artificial grass there is no more sanctuary to harbor bugs and they usually leave to find a better place like your neighbors’ grass. Needless to say, artificial grass is also one of the lowest maintenance products on the market. Be happy knowing you don’t have to water anymore or cut grass!

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