How to Install Putting Green

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Best Putting Green for your Phoenix home

Much like regular artificial grass, the install process for putting greens is rather similar. however, there are a few key differences between the two.

It all starts with tear out and grading. If your area is raised with hills and uneven then it must be graded with tear-out. If your area is flat like a blank canvas, then we can get right into the design. When making a layout for putting green course, there are many different factors to think out. How many holes will there be? Are there dips or hills incorporated into the course? Will there be a sand trap? Do you want a chipping area? All these factors need to be fired ut before the final design to achieve maximum efficiency from your course.

Once the final layout has been decided, the first layer of the substrate can be laid down This will be what holds the nails as well as the grading. Next, you can lay the putting green layer on their designated holes and nail them down. After that down comes the fringe to make it look nice and trim. Once the fringe is nailed down, a layer of silica sand is installed to help weigh the turf down to prevent any moving during monsoons or angry golfers.

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