When talking about artificial grass, we like to talk about how low maintenance it is. However, “Low Maintenance is Different than No Maintenance”, so what exactly are those maintenance activities? To start off, installing artificial grass can eliminate some landscaping activities such as weed pulling or mowing a lawn. However, that doesn’t mean you are clear from everything mother nature has to throw at you.


Debris is the number one hassle for all yard owners. Whether it’s falling leaves or pet waste. Getting debris off of your beautiful green grass must be done with care. To prolong the life of your grass, Artificial Grass Masters recommends to use a PLASTIC rake to properly clean debris off of blade surface. And fore stubbors, stuck on pet waste.We advice to let sit until hardened then dispurce with a light rince of Simple Green and water with the garden hose.

Proper Storage

Unlike Natural grass where it can pop back up after a couple hours in the sun. Artifical grass is made of plastic if you can belive it. So that means it is able to have kinetic memenry which means that if an object is placed on top of it too lang it will remain in that position until properly restored. To prevent this issue from happening do not place heave objects on top of artificial grass for more than a couple days and or perminantly as this will void the warranty.

Sun Spots

Another issue that artificial grass likes to run into is sun spots. Here in Arizona, many of us have window on our house and energy efficient ones at that. When light is reflected off of this glass surface. The suns rays get magnified enough to actually melt the indinval blade of your grass. If not caudht soon enough and fixed with a sun screen your grass can look like someone too a laser to it. If you are getting artifice grass or just got artificial grass. take time to walk around the perimeter of your house nd see if there are any windows reflecting sunlight onto your prpery. Whether its your windows or your neighbors!

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