When the hunt for artificial grass begins, one thing is usually overlooked and it is tear out. Many people ask, can I just lay the artificial grass over the soil I have already? Sadly, its not that simple. Artificial Grass requires a flat even surface to be placed on. And when installed properly has weed barrier underneath. To insure your investment is installed properly. we recommend tear out of old soil and replaced with proper materials.

At Artificial Grass Masters, whenever we do tear out. We always dig 2 1/2 inches deep from the existing soil. This ensures that all unneeded debris, underground root systems and other discrepancies will disposed of prior to install. Once proper tear out has been completed, soft quart minus is placed over the soil and compacted to make a smooth surface for the artificial grass. As an extra precaution, weed barrier is placed underneath the turf to eradicate any underlying weeds that may arise after install. Once all these prior steps have been completed. Artificial grass can now be installed without any imminent issue and keep you happy for years to come.

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