Take drive through Phoenix AZ and its pretty easy to tell that gravel is our favorite choice for landscaping. However what with so many type of gravel out there. What is Arizona’s most popular gravel? Well, numbers don’t lie. With over 50% of our jobs requesting it. Apache brown is Arizona’s most popular Gravel.

Apache Brown is a fan favorite because it contains various brown hues that bring out Arizona’s beautiful Southwest landscape The subtle brown color of Apache Brown is highly sought after because it helps make the state’s natural desert plants stand out.¬†With so many colors and variations. It is easy to blend it into any front or back yard. Also, due to the type of cut, the angle of the rock gives off less reflection. Which in turn makes the surface area much cooler. If you are looking for a gravel that with make your yard better and increase the value of your home then Apache Brown is your rock! Collected from historic Superior Arizona. You can have a rock that is truly superior to all other.

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