Is There Artificial Grass For Sports?

                                                                                                      Laying Artificial Grass For An Outdoor Soccer Field

On the surface, artificial grass may just look like any other landscaping product. However, in recent years artificial grass has made quite a few improvements. Improvements like being able to stay cool to the touch, withstand heavy traffic, and most importantly, look like real grass. With all this being said, we can now say that there is artificial grass made specifically for sports.

If you are looking for a sports turf that can take your game or your team’s game to the next level. Artificial Grass Masters now carries American Dream and Legacy Pro, some of the best sports turf in the industry. If your looking an all-American grass that was made right here in the U.S. then American Dream is your turf. Designed to be lush and durable, whether it be for football or cornhole American Dream was made to play. With a face weight of 94 oz., it is more than capable of rebounding from those hard hits while also keeping you safe. Legacy Pro is also a good choice for sports. Designed to be long-lasting with high traffic in mind, this turf can be found on both small and big projects. We have personally installed this grass on fields ranging from your very own high school to the Diamondback Baseball field. This 75 oz. product is perfect for sports, children, pets, and families it is both safe as well as functional. Legacy Pro is the foundation on which professionals build their skills on. When it comes to your profession, to become a professional you have to train like one. Our turf goes above and beyond for your team and when you have players who give it their all, you need a turf that can do the same. When you need the pinnacle of performance, don’t let other 2nd rate grasses hold you back from getting in the most out of your game.

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